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MAAC Hydraulic
Experience of the exceptional


maac hydraulic fabrique des verins pour l'industrie pétrolière verins-pour-l-industrie-hydroelectrique et le barrages verin pour les usine et les sites industriels verin pour les machines de la métalurgie


MAAC HYDRAULIC designs and manufactures industrial hydraulic cylinders on extent to meet the highly diverse needs of several thousands of customers in the world. MAAC HYDRAULIC made specific hyddimensionsraulic cylinders, on measure, in an outside standards range of .






MAAC HYDRAULIC strength is the experience of power, the ability to adapt to its customers specific needs. The experience and the reactivity of its technical team allow MAAC HYDRAULIC to adapt and be reactive.



The hydraulic units are designed according to the terms of use, particularly for aggressive workplace: salt water, acid atmosphere, basic ambience, extreme temperatures, vibrations, shocks,… every time a hostile environment makes difficult the use of the hydraulic cylinders, MAAC HYDRAULIC’s Design Department gives a relevant and reliable answer.


Thanks to this flexibility of adaptation, MAAC HYDRAULIC may propose fabrications “on measure”, according to the needs and objectives of its customers, not only by respecting the most rigorous specifications but also by innovating to achieve excellence.